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Our Projects. 

We run a variety projects and events throughout the year. Some of our community projects are fully funded and free to eligible participants. We also have a great selection of other events and courses on offer. 

Lifeforce Recovery Project

Working in partnership with the Derbyshire Recovery Partnership and Derbyshire County Council. this is a fully funded project for those aiming for, or in recovery from alcohol or substance misuse. We connect with nature by getting involved in a variety of rural and farming activities such as animal care, conservation, gardening, cooking with farm produce, construction, walks and mindfulness amongst others. The project offers a great support network and provides an advice service and one to one counselling for those who may benefit from this. The project runs every Friday from 10am - 4.30pm. Free transport is provided within the High Peak.  The project is open for referrals. Informal visits are welcome by arrangement. 

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Care Farming Opportunities for Adults with Learning Difficulties

We provide practical work based activities to help people with learning difficulties develop to the best of their individual abilities, to make choices and to take part in everyday life. Participants take part in a variety of activities such as animal care, farm maintenance, woodland crafts, habitat conservation and gardening. We also engage in fun team activities such as welly wanging and boule and can also provide a venue for overnight camps. Connecting with nature in an outdoor environment is a great way to boost physical and mental wellbeing. 'Care Farming' is a term sometimes used to describe the therapeutic effects of working on farms for people with a variety of vulnerabilities. There is a daily fee for attendance, which can sometimes be covered by a personal care budget. Please contact us for more information. Taster days can be arranged.

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 Whispering with Horses 
Supporting Mental Health & Wellbeing
Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning(EAT/L) is an emerging and innovative intervention that utilises horses to help clients with personal growth and learning. It has been shown to be effective with a wide range of presenting issues; anxiety, depression, family and relationship problems to name a few. Horses are large animals and have the potential of allowing people to overcome fears and to develop confidence that can be translated into real life situations. No horse experience is necessary to take part in the programme and no horse riding takes place. The project focuses on building a mutual relationship with the horse on the ground and adapting learned outcomes to day to day experiences. The programme embraces the 'gentle leadership' approach to natural horsemanship. All sessions are led by a fully qualified Equine Facilitator supported by trained counsellors. The programme runs on Saturday mornings and consists of six three hour sessions for small groups. Cost for full programme £.250. Individual sessions available by arrangement. Group 3hr taster sessions £45.
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